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About the Four Gods

The Four Gods are Fushigi Yuugi fans who want to see the quality of FY web pages improve, not continue to decline like certain other series. We want to see FY web pages with meaningful content, correct information, and polite use of material from others' web sites. We also want to make sure that webmasters think about whether their FY page really has a reason to exist, something which makes the site worthwhile.

Click on the god whose review you want to read.

[Suzaku] Suzaku, surprisingly enough, is an HTML whiz who looks for correct coding on web pages, and compatibility with older computers and web browsers. He also likes to see pages that do more than just repeat the same information over and over again -- as wonderful as the show is, even if proper credit is given to everyone you borrowed from, it gets tedious looking at web pages if there's nothing personal and unique about the site. Suzaku also denies being a chicken (I'm a phoenix, darnit!) and furthermore denies any possibility that Byakko would know what he tastes like.

[Seiryuu] Seiryuu, the Dragon of Spring, is a morose God. Being the God of Warfare can sometimes do that to you. He appreciates a good barbeque, too bad it gives him Dragon Breath! Seiryuu can be the meanest of the Four Gods, and he particularly dislikes it when webpages are unintelligent and unoriginal. He also hates looking at webpages when he's hungry ...


The god of the North, Genbu, doesn't get out all that much... his animal form being similar to that of a turtle, it's pretty much expected. However, not being able to get out much means that Genbu can be a rather cranky god and when he finds bad Fushigi Yuugi web pages, he gets hungry. Genbu tends to look for clarity and accuracy of the information on a Fushigi Yuugi web page, as well as citing of where the information comes from, but also feels that design and load time are very important

[Byakko] Byakkoseikun is the friendly god from the land where the Miko taste like chicken. HOWEVER, he does NOT like bad webpages. Byakko mostly looks for netiquette errors, such as code stealing, image stealing, and lack of credit. You don't want to majiwaru with THIS God when he finds those...