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Genbu's Opinion

Kourin no Miko's Shrine to Fushigi Yuugi
through the eyes of Genbu

Okay, for once, let's see if I can keep myself from becoming turtle soup for the other gods... none of us have eaten a Miko in awhile so we're getting restless.

Anyway, onto this month's review, a general Fushigi Yuugi page by Kourin no Miko.

First things first... the midi. I personally don't like midis on a page. There is a midi on the main page of this site, and it auto-plays as soon as you get there. Luckily the control is there, but when you constantly go back to the main page to get to other pages within the site, it gets to be annoying.

Generally the page doesn't offer much to the visitor in the way of concrete information on Fushigi Yuugi, though I don't think it was really meant to. There is a series summary as well as a profiles page but I did not think very highly of them. While the series summary is thorough, it should also have had some kind of spoiler space or warning on it for the sheer number it had. The profile page, I felt, was set up without much thought to load time nor viewablity. Although I admit, those Spice Girl/Spice Boy names were inventive and a nice touch... even if they were rather frightening.

I encountered a few factual errors. For instance, the Chichiri shrine page spelled his name wrong (it's spelled "Houjun") and the background on him, while for the most part accurate, does get one very important fact wrong.

As far as page format goes, it's pretty average compared to what I see on the web. The navigitability of the site isn't great; having to go back to the index page for everything is a bit of hassle.


Overall this page is fair, not overly horrid, but yet not exactly a place I'd like to visit twice. It is run by a pretty young webmaster; I have to at least give her that much credit to have the guts to even make a webpage. When I was a young god we did not have the luxury of Geocities and freeweb pages. (Did I even have a computer then? I don't think so... I was a deprived god. Yes, gods have parents too.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, Kourin no Miko's Shrine to Fushigi Yuugi is a pretty fair 4 with me.

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