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Genbu's Opinion

4 Sisters Fushigi Yuugi Page
through the eyes of Genbu

I am sitting here at my computer in my corner of the heavens, fearing the wrath of that big blue lizard. shudder It's just a matter of time before I get smacked by Seiryuu for my late reviews...

... but before that, here it is! Up this month is the 4 Sisters Fushigi Yuugi Page...

Now, this is what I term an almost exclusive fan-dom page. It's chock full of original fan fiction, fan art, and a lot of other things that are associated with fandom.

To be frank, I certainly am not someone that is really into the fan fiction, fan art circle. Though I do enjoy it, I'm afraid I am not that creative of a god. However, I do have the utmost respect for those that create it.

Their Quotables section, I admit, went a little bit over my head. As I said, I'm not particularly into fan fiction, and some of their quotables were derived from fan fiction. However, they were still funny and were appreciated by me.

I liked the fan art that they had to show. Kimoki had some nice fan art of us four gods... it made this turtle god happy. (I rather liked her rendition of me. Thank you for not drawing me mating with a snake, Kimoki. You don't know how happy I am...!)

One thing I loved was their Silly Recaps, an incarnation of the beloved Fushigi Akugi. How funny!!! Their FY Calendar is a great original concept!

The Four Sisters make a great Fushigi Yuugi fan page, but one of the things that is lacking is information. Fushigi Yuugi fans looking for information about the series, story, etc. won't really find any here, but that's okay because the way it is set up, it really does make itself to be more of a fandom page than anything else.

From a technical standpoint, the Four Sisters page is fast loading and easy to navigate, two things that I'm always glad to see. One thing that I liked was their listing of Updates near the top of the page; it's always nice to see what was updated when. Also, their e-mail addresses are right at the top of the page, making them easy to contact.


On a scale of 1 to 10, 4 Sisters Fushigi Yuugi Page is a fair 8 with me. I enjoyed the page a lot.

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