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Genbu's Opinion

Fushigi Yuugi Hotohori Shrine
through the eyes of Genbu

Aaah. This is a nice page. (I suppose some mortals may have been expecting another feeding frenzy huh?) Alas no, I shall not eat well this month. This is a good page, so good I won't eat it but merely look at it and admire.

It's one of many character shrines out there, this time to the popular Suzaku Seishi, Hotohori. While it's not a huge site with many files and a ton of information, it's a very good site in it's simplicity. It's merely a site to admire Hotohori, and that is what it does so well.

Her description of Hotohori is from Tasuki no Miko's web page, but she makes a very good example of how to clearly site that it was originally from another author. Kudos to you! (smiles)

Another thing that sets this site apart, at least to me, is the very personal spin on it. One example is her image gallery, which I was glad to see was linked to other image galleries. In addition to her image links, it also contains photographs of her and her husband as they cosplayed Hotohori and Nuriko. (One minor peeve I had was that the images weren't thumbnails but that's really rather minor.) This personal touch really sets this site apart from other character shrines, IMO.

I really enjoyed this site. I can't eat it, it's too good! (smiles) On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd definately give it a 9. Good job!