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The Four Gods: Fushigi Yuugi Web Page Reviews


Fushigi Yuugi has become insanely popular in human world during the last year. [ Suzaku: *bow* Thank you! ] [ Seiryuu: Stop trying to take all the credit. ] any rate, the Fushigi Yuugi craze spread to the internet, spawning many, many webpages.

Some of these pages are wonderful resources for learning about t he series. [ Byakko: They just bring tears to my eyes... ]

Some pages...could just use a little Divine intervention.

And some pages need some serious Tenkou-style smiting.

The Four Gods are here to make the Fushigi Yuugi web a better place, by offering reviews and advice to FY webmasters, or just offering a pat on the back to those who don't need our help!

It goes like this.

Every month, we'll take a look at a Fushigi Yuugi webpage. We'll probably find one ourselves ( there's no lack of material ) but if you see one that makes you sick to your stomach ( or one that just needs a little help! ) - nominate it , and we'll get to it eventually. There are four judges, naturally - Suzaku, Seiryuu, Genbu, and Byakko. Each one will submit their personal review of the page, and then the results will be compiled for an overall review of the page.

And then you can see if this page was a worthy offering for the Four Gods of Heaven and Earth.

If not...well, Seiryuu is a little short-tempered. But don't mention the Miko breath. The Four Gods do NOT like bad Fushigi Yuugi pages.

[ Seiryuu: We're having technical difficulties. The Maijin Tenkou has been trying to have a Four Gods bar-be-que. Although roasted Suzaku sounds good to me, I don't fanzy Dragon soup. So, we apologize, but there will be no review for the month of May. Check back again in June, when we will have successfully destroyed Tenkou.

Or, alternately, you could take a look at some of our old reviews.

You can mail us at . Tell us what you think! Nominate a page! Or, if you're brave, try to flame a god. [ Seiryuu: *toothy grin* I'd like to see someone try. ] Your email address will be included in our public reply unless you specifically ask us not to. The reaction to our reviews can be found on our letters page. Please feel free to read them.

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