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Letters to the Four Gods

Here's some letters we received regarding the review for November!

Hallo: Seeing as how you review sites, I thought I ought to point out a spelling error on yours before you get jumped by an irritated webmaster. ^^;; In this month's (Nov.) offering, the comprehensive review; "definitely" is spelled wrong. Twice. ^^; *bows* Ja, na.


[Byakko] Heh's been fixed. Genbu, apparently, can not spell. But then again, neither can I. =^_^= Thanks for pointing this out to us!

Dear Four Gods,
Could you review my page for me? I know it's ok, but I don't think it's really very spectacular, and could use some suggestions ... I promise to take everything you say seriously (well, maybe with a grain of salt in Seiryuu's case .... ^_^;;), and maybe even act on it. Onegai? *sparkly eyes*
^_^ Miome
ps I promise not to get angry, too. I asked for your hones opinion, didn't I? Can't complain when I get it!
pps Oh yah, url would help! It's at:

ICQ#: 20875840

[Byakko] Can do...but we may not do it for December. We were trying to think of something nice to do for FY webmasters for Christmas, so we might not critique a page this month. We're talking it over, so...=^_^= but we'll dfinitely take a look at it soon!

And I don't think Seiryuu will ever change. He's not a cuddly god. I suppose if I looked like him...or Genbu, for that matter, I'd be bad-tempered, too. =^_-=

*waits for the other Gods to see this and kill the kawaii l'il neko-sama*

[Genbu] Byakko... you're not quite as cuddly as you think you are. Seiryuu! I feel like some roast tiger tonite, what about you? But yes, we're still deciding on what to do for the Christmas. We'll see....

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