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Letters to the Four Gods

Here's some letters we received regarding....well, regarding things in general. ;;=^_^=

Okay, hi.

My name is Myrna-chan, I've got a fairly new FY page up, which looks big, but isn't. O.o

Anyway, could you rewiew my web site? It's okay if you want to rip it apart, since I can correct what I've done wrong.


And yes, I'll try and fix up the fake thumbnails -_-


[ Byakko: Can and will do. It's on the, I mean...we'll look at it for April, all right? =^_^= ]

Subject: Im looking for a Page

Hello. I am looking for a Page called The Chichiri Shrine. I Cannot remmember the adress. I am hoping that you may help me find it. It would mean alot to me. Thank You.

[ Byakko: Er. Consider trying the Anipike ? ;;;;=^_^= ]