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Letters to the Four Gods

So we're really behind. We'll get our act together, promise! ;;=^_^=

Subject: nomination

Hello! I have nominated my site b4, ~Jenn's Fushigi Yuugi Page~
I was surprised about the review cause it really wasn't that bad. One of you gave me a 5 out of 10!! Well..i thought that was nice of you :) Well, since geocities sucked i have moved from there and i am now at fortunecity with a new layout and stuff. So please review my page!!!

Thanks!! ~Jenn~

[ Byakko ] : Well, we generally don't do re-reviews...but maybe if we have time ( You can SEE how slow we are ;;=^_^= ) we'll do an update on our review for your page, okay?

Subject: Real Thumbnails

Remember Byakko said about that well the reason some of us webpages do that is because it takes up alot of MB space

[ Byakko ] : Okay, let me handle this one. =._.=

From: Angela Anderson
Subject: An Offering for the Gods

I have an offering for the Four Gods. ^_^
Ano... it's interesting, that's for sure. Maybe you can make some sense of it... hope it doesn't give you indigestion!

--Mearl Dox

[ Byakko ] : Oh boy. Yeah, we're doing this one. =>_<= Thanks for nominating it!