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Nyan Nyan no Webupeeji Tips

Haaaaaai minna-san! Nyan-Nyan is here to teach you a little bit about basic web design, ne! Nyan-Nyan knows that fans would like to make good Fushigi Yuugi web pages, or just basic web pages in general, so we're here to try and help you ne! It's a lot better for us to give you a little help than to have us naosu-naosu your peeji at the request of The Four Gods ne! (They can be really mean sometimes ne!)

Let's start ne!

Very basic things first ne! To make a Fushigi Yuugi web page, you must first have web space. Most ISPs will provide webspace but also there are many free sites out there like Tripod, Geocities Xoom, FortuneCity , and other sites ne!

I have webspace, what now?

You mean there are different kinds???

Okay, I've decided I want to make a character shrine to Suboshi, what now?

HTML Editors? Oh vay!

Okay, I think I have this 'html' thing down. But it's only text!

Well, I've got the program, now what?

So ... Now that I know how to use my graphics program, and I've got great idea for graphics, where do I get the basic pictures?

What's so bad about linking directly to images and files?

If Taiitsu-kun heard that, she'd be very angry! It steals bandwidth .

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic (KB or MB per second) that a person's ISP is capable of handling at once, or that their ISP allows them to use at once.

It's bad to steal it because:

When you link to someone else's images, these problems increase, but the sites actually ON the server suffer without even being looked at.

In addition to stealing bandwidth, stealing the graphics themselves is BAD. Taiitsu-kun would punch Nyan-Nyan through the roof for it! Why? Here are some MORE links for you to look through, ne?

The WDTV: Purloining and Pilfering page has a more in-depth discussion about bandwidth/image theft and what do do about it.

So, I've become a HTML Wizard, I've got great graphics, and designed my site! Can I go on the web yet?

Copyrights, Trademarks, and Stealing!

Now, Nyan-Nyan knows you didn't REALLY read all of those links. So, we'll summarize so that you can quickly naosu-naosu your peeji according to US copywrite law:





How to naosu-naosu the webupeeji!

So, is that it? Am I finally done?

Nyan-Nyan says that NOW you are ready! Wai!