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[Seiryuu Says]

Well. The easiest way to sum up what I thought of Forever Fushigi Yuugi is that "My eyes are burning!"

Yep. But, since I'm generally a nice God (as long as you can stand the Miko breath), I'll start with the good points.

If the page has all that neat stuff - why on Earth do I say it makes my eyes burn? That's easy - this is why (in random order).

Looking at Forever Fushigi Yuugi so that I could review it can even my, a GOD, a headache. The layout was terrible. Taila obviously has little concept of html coding. She also obviously never looked at her own site. The images clash with each other, and most importantly of all, with the text.

From a beginners point of view - this might be a good site. But not from a God's point of view. The imformation and images were taken off of other sites. Gods generally don't like stealing, and that is just what Taila does. When credit is not given where it is due, what else do you call it? "Unoriginal"? Even though that caption applies, that is not what this webpage is. It is an abomination to the prescense of Fushigi Yuugi on the internet. No wonder Ryan Matthews in his "Last Exit Before Toll" column was so disparaging of Fushigi Yuugi websites. Sites like Forever Fushigi Yuugi must have been what he was looking at.

Rating is a 1:
I think you've made me blind! (Terrible)
Rating is a 2:
Where is the aspirin? (Bad)
Rating is a 3:
Nothing good, nothing bad (Average)

Rating is a 4:
Interesting, veeery interesting! (Good)
Rating is a 5:
Almost looks good enough to eat! (Terrific)