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[Seiryuu Says]

Jenn's Fushigi Yuugi Page

Well, since I have been rather busy trying to invade Hokkankoku this month, this review will not be as long as my usual ones, nor will it be as coherent or organized. So, I apologize to my fellow Gods (except Genbu - Biiiii'h!), as well as Jenn for shorting them this month.

Now, that said, onto the review. Generally this was a good page. The information she gives was correct, and she even credits her sources (well, she at least lists them on the "Links" page). There are a few sentances that are incorrect grammatically, and a few spelling errors, and in one case a sentance that would make more sense if she completed it. "He can also summon some sort of an invisible aura ring that holds its victim in place and gets smaller and smaller until the person is cut in two halves. Pretty gruesome, but he probably has been sweet and cheery before he died." Needs a "since", don't you think.

The link for "Others" is down. I suspect this is because of the html problem that was there before. Now, if you don't know what problem I'm referring to, it when "Others" was loaded, we could only view the backround. So, I assume that that problem is being fixed now.

On the Suzaku character pages, the images were broken. But on the rest of the character pages there wasn't a problem. Speaking of the character pages, the non-spoiler descriptions were a nice touch, although I still can't help but wish that webpage masters would write more creatively about their favorite character. I know that Chichiri's birthday is May 21. I want to know how the webpage master feels and thinks about Chichiri (without the "OOOH! KAWAAIIII!" pleasse). Now, I realize that I'm ranting. But this bothers me, and it's something that most Fushigi Yuugi webpages need to think about.

Nice touch adding fanart and fiction. I did the fact that on the fanart page there was a choice between links and thumbnails. Good for you! However, the fanfiction page doesn't contain "fanfics" (as in plural ). There is one fanfic (as in singular) with three parts. It's a grammar thing.

The sounds page. O.o Fushigi Yuugi or Misc Waves? Ooookaay.

The Links page. Hmmmm. Not much I can say. 6 links and a huge form. This page sort of speaks for itself.

The Shopping Guide link is not up yet.

And last ... the Image page. O.o Break it up! For the love of Gods and slow modems! Having to load 200K on page is excessive let alone what is here. No no. No. No. No!

One questions. What was that "email" link on each of the character pages? Perhaps I'm missing something here ...

And lastly, my major beef with this page. Now, admitedly, I didn't have the chance to test it on other connections, so it may just be me, but the page loading was terrible. I finally just started looking at the html because I didn't want to wait anymore.

All in all a decent page. It could ue some work, but nothing that needs to be completely smited.

[Good job, but don't let it go to
your head!]