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[Seiryuu Says]

Myrna-chan's Shrine to Fushigi Yuugi
Webmaster: Myrna-chan

Hmmm. First off, it looks like this site is leaning much more towards complete than "under construction." And even if it only had some stolen pictures and ideas, I'd still hate the "Under Construction" notices. Let the viewer of the page decide for themselves how much of the page is done. A good page designer doesn't need to dictate to the person browsing.

Now, that out of the way, let's look at the main page.

Now for the You Know You Watch Too Much FY When ... page.

Now for the Bishounen List page.

Now for the Tamahome and Miaka Image Gallery

The Fanfiction Page.

The Profiles page.

The Links Page.

The Series Summary.

The Link Me page.

The About Me page.

The Other Images

The Other Stuff page.

The Tamahome Shrine.

The Chichiri Shrine

The Tasuki Shrine

The Kouji Shrine

The Nuriko Shrine

The Temple of Nuriko Worship

The Why Nuriko? page

The Nuriko Worship Logos page

The Nuriko Worshippers page

The Can I Join? page

The Images of his Bishounenness page

The Nuriko Stuff for Your Website

The Nuriko Fanfiction page

The Nuriko Links page

This page has potention. There are quite a few design problems, and some pages that are offensive which should be taken down, but overall it's not a bad page. Just rather average.

[Average Webpage] An average page so far, but with some improvement, could be good.