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[Seiryuu Says]

The best way to sum up Fushigi Yuugi Hotohori Shrine is to say that what it has is good. But there isn't much.

Because I like to be nice (once I've had my dinner), I'll start with the good points.

With all those good things, why I am so ambivilant about the page?

Looking at this page, I was disappointed. Maxi Rose as a good grasp of html coding and webpage design. But I wish she would do more with it. There is not nearly enough information on the page to suit me. I wish she would explore other characters, or even go more in depth about Hotohori. My Seiryuu shichiseishi can be left out, I can handle that. As long as what it there is good, original, and comprehensive.

Fushigi Yuugi Hotohori Shrine is a good webpage, for what it is. An one character shrine.

Rating is a 1:
I think you've made me blind! (Terrible)
Rating is a 2:
Where is the aspirin? (Bad)
Rating is a 3:
Nothing good, nothing bad (Average)

Rating is a 4:
Interesting, veeery interesting! (Good)
Rating is a 5:
Almost looks good enough to eat! (Terrific)

[Average Webpage] An average job. Good work so far, but could use some improvment. I'd say it's ripe for a barbeque!