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Suzaku's Review - March 1999

Page Title: 4 Sisters' Fushigi Yuugi Page
Creator: The Four Sisters [Submitted by Susan:]

[ Suzaku: You know, I had DONE this review, and then SOMEONE ate it. *gives Byakko a dirty look* Wasn't your share of the 4 Sisters' page enough? ]

[ Byakko: It wasn't meeeee! It was Tripod! ]

[ Suzaku: Oh, nuts. Well, I'll just have to re-write it. ]

Anyway, as I'd been saying... this is a GOOD web page. [ Byakko: Tastes like chicken! ] [ Suzaku: Let go of my drumst-- LEG! ] Ahem! This is a good page! It's fun! It's got a subtle and easy to read color scheme and nice, original graphics! It doesn't steal! It's not trying to be an info page, so there are no info problems. If what you want is fanwork, it's fabulous!

Of course, since no page is perfect, I did find some suggestions to make, so I'll list them. ^_^

  • Splash page: The text graphic is pretty, but I wonder what this is for. It's not a fancy nav map or FY image or anything...
  • Main page: The list of updates bothers me a little. 1) I do think it's a bit long. 2) It's out of date (I happen to know that changes have been made that aren't on the list). 3) It would probably look better with only the most recent update listed at the top of the main page and the rest on their own page, or lower down.
  • General design: It's very pretty and understated and I LIKE it, but there are hardly any FY pictures! One or two might be nice. ^_^
  • Calendar: Well, for starters, it's spelled wrong. And it's still got 1998's arrangement. And I personally think that the table cels ought to be more uniform in size (if someone working on it wants to mail the 4G Tripod account, I could give pointers on that).
  • Links: Two things. A) Broken links and we've-moved links in the fanfic section. They need an update. B) There's no actual links page itself. ^^;; A few links to some info pages, at least, would be good so that the less FY-savvy who come in can find out more, since this one isn't an info page.
  • Web Design Section: This is all super-useful stuff. On the other hand, since this is a FY page, my personal leaning would be to make a specific section on designing FY pages, lump the copyright and HTML stuff together as subsections on one page, and throw in some of the more FY-specific resources too. On the other hand, this could just be me.

I think that covers everything! This page doesn't fall into any of the traps so common for FY and anime pages in general, so there's really very little to object to at all, and there's lots of really fun stuff to see (the recaps are really funny and I'm not reviewing the fanfics, but I'll certainly say that I like them ^_^). It's LUNCHTIME! *CHOMP* *teeth break* OI! Byakko, you ate my share!