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Suzaku's Review - September 1998

Page Title: Jenn's Fushigi Yuugi Page
Creator: Jenn []

I've been pretty busy watching over my Miko as of late (Have you SEEN OVA II? Just look at all the trouble they're getting into!), so I'll keep this short and sweet. ^_^ This is, generally, a GOOD page for content! There are original (as far as I can tell, of course) summaries of eps 1-36 and a link to Reika's summaries of 37-52. YAY! There are original desciptions and opinions on the Seishi! No stealing Tasuki no Miko's translated profiles! YAY! These are major plusses and make me a very happy god. I also like the fact that the white text is easy to read on the blue background, at least in my browser, and even if it is my favorite color, it's refreshing to see a FY page that isn't red all over -- red and white, red and black, etc. -- without being specifically devoted to a god besides me.

However, the page does also have some large problems that I feel must be addressed ASAP. Now, one thing that I like is that the link list gives credit to the pages she got pictures from. BUT, and this a a BIG BUT (as opposed to a big butt like Eiken has) the list doesn't include everyone, and the way I can tell is that almost EVERY picture on this site is directly linked to. They're not in her Geocities account. That's very impolite to the webmasters of the pages whose images she's linking to, because it might even cost them money, as we've said many times before. Also, some of the pages, especially that image gallery, are nigh impossible to load. Good god, use text links! It nearly choked my ethernet to death. ^^;; Also, I did find a broken link to the Keisuke and Tetsuya page (if it's there at all, the link doesn't work).

To sum up, this page has excellent content, but the author needs to move the images to her own server, and preferably improve the load time of some pages as well, and get text or true-thumbnail links on the image gallery page.