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The Third Offering
[Seiryuu: Barbeque? Doko?]

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[Seiryuu: Gomen nasai! What can I say, Suzaku was busy defending Konankoku from me this month, so we were late. Once again, sumimasen!] This review is compiled from the individual comments of all Four Gods. It is basically a listing of the all the good points and bad points, held in common for the Four Gods. This way you can either read the shortened review containg the good and bad highlights, or each Gods individual thoughts. Or both.

The Gods' thoughts can be found lurking here .

Onto the review!

Good Points

Bad Points

Overall Opinion

A little spicy, but still could use some cooking.
Byakko: Does this mean I can't eat Suzaku?
Seiryuu : No, because I get Suzaku first!