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Letters to the Four Gods

These letters are the responses we get to each review. They are posted in the order that we recieve them. Each God, if they feel so inclined, may deign to reply.
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From Meg -
Konnichiwa Minna!
I must say, as a loyal follower of FY and one of the humble citizens of earth, you guys are doing a great job of reviewing a person's webpage. In fact I thijnk it's an excellent idea to do so. Although, once a month for a review is pretty slow. No offense . I know this has already been addressed in a previous letter, but well, could you guys even consider two reviews a month? By the way, nice work on the page and good luck. ~^~Meg~^~ "The pleasure of dreaming, make it tomorrow's power."

[Seiryuu: Thanks for the comments, Meg. As for doing two pages a month, I don't really think we can. This page is just getting updated for October on October 17th. We're Gods, not miracle workers. ^_^ ]
From Jenn -
This is my page....just wanna see what others think of's a basically a general infor thing...take alok!!

[Seiryuu: Can do.]

From confuzcious -
i feel vaguely bad about doing this... but. --;; Here I go.
I'm nominating a page:
Blue Lotus: Fushigi Yuugi
It's a decent page, but ... hm.
The Nuriko Fanclub
*Give into the urge, join the club*

[Seiryuu: Thanks Confuzcious. We'll keep this in mind for our next review.]

Do you have additional comments for us? Well, please feel free to email us at : We appreciate your input.

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